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LLNO-Health enumerator(s)

Created a .cid file for project.

Next stage processing (proprietary program generating a C data model) reported error:"ERROR: Val starting at line 3023 column 30: Ok is not a valid value of type Mod".

Wondered why DA "Health" had type mod enumeration. Created new file containing onny 1 LLN0 with the default DOs (see attachment).

This is what obviously goes wrong:

      <LNodeType id="LPHD_0" lnClass="LPHD">
         <DO desc="Device name plate" name="PhyNam" type="DPL_0"/>
         <DO desc="Enumerated status" name="PhyHealth" type="ENS_0"/>
         <DO desc="Single point status" name="Proxy" type="SPS_0"/>
      <LNodeType id="LLN0_0" lnIs there anyone who could correct boldface handling of this editor?Class="LLN0">
         <DO desc="Controllable enumerated status" name="Mod" type="ENC_0"/>
         <DO desc="Enumerated status" name="Beh" type="ENS_0"/>
         <DO desc="Enumerated status" name="Health" type="ENS_1"/>
         <DO desc="Logical Node name plate" name="NamPlt" type="LPL_0"/>

The bold text passages show that PhyHealth and Beh share identical enumerators. It seems that EEHealth, PhyHealth, and Health have this problem.

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Hi Heinrich, thanks for the report.

This was noticed and corrected in ICD Designer 2.01.013, but was only corrected on the Edition 2 templates. This was an oversight for Edition 1. The next release will contain this fix in Edition 1 template, too.


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